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Private Skype Live Cam Girls Bellajoin online
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Escort webcam

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WhatsApp or Skype Private Video Call. My worldwide virtual tours😘



Dear gentlemen. If you found my sexy photos in your country as an adult performer, please know that I am available only for webcam sessions. 

You can meet online a foreign beautiful girl -me.  Perhaps you are looking for someone for future dates and travel companionship. 

I am exactly what the doctor prescribed hot, young, sexy.  I am basically available for all categories of men, lonely. bored, single ...or seeking sexual adventures from the comfort of your room, office, kitchen, bathroom...

Doesn't matter where you are.


The procedure is easy and 100% confidential, you don't need to do registration on an unknown website. 


You may write your desire in advance. Arrange a call with me by choosing the option. I kindly you to check what kind of payment modes I accept. Thank you:)

The fastest contact for advance appointment and spontaneous desires is

my whatsapp link. In order to avoid blocking kindly ask do not call me by video or audio without agreement, only text message. Thx   ✍ WhatsApp Me 


My time zone at the moment GTM+3, no issue, connect me anytime, if I am available, I'll respond. 


 Live Cam Girls
Live Cam Girls

Seductive and sexy virtual time

Connection by WhatsApp, Skype, Botim, Totok Apps.

Experience: Erotic dress, different type of lingerie, naked, private, action, shower.

Mistress (latex, corsets), foot fetish, dirty talk. 

+ golden shower (extra)

High heels, nude tights, stockings, suspenders, robes, lace,nighty, corset, dildo (toys). 

Payments Details

Trough an instant payment systems:

  • Paysend,  Skrill, Wise.
  • Western Union, Unistream, Contact.
  • Card payment: Card to card Russian banks.
  • Online card payment: recharge phone balance.
  • Cryptocurrency: Monero (XMR), Bitcoin( BTC). 
  • Online recharge bank balance. 
  • Paypal 

Easy and safe!



What kind of payment do you accept?

You can send the present using apps Paysend, skrill, western union,  unistream or you can do online card payment (mobile recharge).


Do you accept Ali pay or Wechat?




Unfortunately it is not possible for me. 


Can you send me your pictures and videos?




I don't send photos and videos. I think from my side I have given enough information. Everything you can find on the website photos, selfie, videos, and social twitters. 


Can we do a short video call before the payment?  

Certainly no, we can't. I am not able to do sexy charitable entertainment, otherwise my day will be full of test calls. My conditions are strictly described, and for serious gentlemen, it's not a problem😜. Please have a look on the site I have additional pages about authenticity. 


Please, answer my video call. I called you many times!?


I currently don't answer whatsapp audio or video calls, I decline immediately. If we had no agreement by using text message, I kindly ask to send me your request.


No money, no honey.


If you see that I don't respond on your message, nothing personally, no offense. I just not available to answer. If I have a video date, I don't give attention to another things. I'll answer as soon as possible for me. Thank you for your understanding.


How can I call you by video? Do you use Facetime?

We can meet in whatsapp or skype. No, unfortunate I don't use facetime for video call.


Can you give me your Skype ID.

I give the skype ID only after payment.


How long time do you need after the payment?

Please ask me this question. Usually I am available in 5 -max-10 min, even less, but depends on situation.


Can I do video call appointment in advance for the late night (early morning)?




Yes, you can make an appointment, I will expect that you do payment in advance as well, to confirm that you really wish to.







Can you explain me what is Paysend?


It is the App that you can download into the phone.


You need just a few minutes for activation. To add your phone number, personal details and card(s).


To transfer the gift you receive Paysend link from me, or you can do send on the card.

Please remember: confidentiality is the main principle.


How long need after payment western union online and how to do?


I able to receive western union online for up 5 mins.


To send choose:


Russia, Moscow, Given name

Cash receipt

Russian rubles or usd.


From your side I need only MTCN tracking number, country, exact amount.

Confidentiality is the main principle.


Can I send cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can. Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR)


 I added feedback screens from my WhatsApp because a lot of people afraid but still they want. As I am available worldwide virtually a lot of guys cant check my verified profiles.