Invite me to Saint Petersburg

The most popular tourist destinations in Russia are St. Petersburg and Moscow, the current and former capital of the country, as well as major cultural centers recognized as cities in the world.


St. Petersburg offers travelers a true abundance of attractions and experiences, from impressive imperial palaces to quirky and fascinating museums, from boat trips along the city's majestic rivers and canals to walking in the footsteps of St. Petersburg's great literary and artistic figures. 


Fountain opening ceremony in Petergof
Fountain opening ceremony in Petergof, just come early morning!

Ready to go to Saint Petersburg? You don't want to travel alone!?

Meeting people in a new place can be difficult, you don't know who you meet and what you can expect.  Traveling to the city alone may also not be interesting and even lonely. Why spend these evenings, days of sightseeing or lunch breaks alone?


If you are looking for something more than just a short meeting in Petersbugr, I offer you an unforgettable vacation together. I'll be your personal and fun female GF companion also the helpful guide. Just in in case if we've never met before, I welcome you to have a look on my website. 


I'm happy to receive traveling invitations, involving additional information.

Below I explain additional details related to trip together, partucularly places in the city, activity, information about personal honorarium and how to contact me directly.



I would help you get the most out of your time in St. Petersburg.






Top list of attractions and experiences.


Church of the Savior on Spilled blood;

State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace;

Grand Palace;

The Marly palace;

Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul;

Mikhailovsky Theatre;



Catherine Palace and Park;

Tsarskoye Selo State Museum Preserve;

Memorial Lyceum Museum;

Alexander Park;


Peter and Paul Fortress;

Nevsky Prospect;

Kazan Cathedral;

Stroganov Palace;

St.Isaac's Cathedral State Museum- Memorial shopping.

Opening bridges

Don't forget about really enjoyable cafes and nightlife. 




How to make a deal:


Please, send me introduction of yourself.

Your wishes and desires, the dates of visit.

Do you plan to travel from Moscow, or you fly to the Saint- Petersburg?

What is accommodation during the travelling? 



Terms of remuneration and transportation





I may travel by fast train call "Sapsan" Moscow- Petersburg-Moscow, the tickets easy to take online.

Or flight from any airport in Moscow to Saint Petersburg( LED).

I'll requires return tickets and small advance payment ( will be discussed).

We can meet at the airport without downpayment, if your flight from Moscow.


Weekend 48 hours : 1600 euro

Additional day 500 euro.


Benefits Of Travel with escort company.


You’ll have someone with you to share your thoughts and laugh

You don't have to dine alone

You can explore the city a little more, you can have personal translator to Russian and helpful person nearby.

You can have a local friend :) who can take a photos of you.

You will feel refreshed




A few fact you might not know about St. Petersburg.


There is a misconception that St. Petersburg got its name in honor of the founder - Emperor Peter I. However, this is not so. In fact, the name is in honor of St. Peter the Apostle.

The first St. Petersburg building was the Peter and Paul Fortress, founded on Hare Island.


Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the tallest in Russia. Its height is 122.5 meters.

For almost 320 years of  history, St. Petersburg has changed the name more than once. The very first city foundation  was the name "Piterburch". The second name was "St. Petersburg". In 1914 the city received the name "Petrograd". Then,Ten years after Lenin's death, the city was renamed "Leningrad", and in 1991 it regained the name "St. Petersburg".