Tips how to meet escort girl, bad stories from real clients

Hello dear guest of Moscow!

Whether you have come to the city with business purpose or enjoy tourist trip, or maybe just planning your journey, perhaps you were thinking to acquaintance with a girl. 

Its quite easy to find Moscow escort lady but you can face many difficulties, the main issue, what I heard from people contacted me is impersonating. 


Considering this I decided to write you a blog about. 


If you are gentleman used to a good level of escort, you are looking for well-mannered, good- looking and wonderfully smelling neat girl to meet personally, chat over a glass of beverage, I would love to be your bubbly girlfriend. 

Let me share some of my profiles and the site with good reputation:



and so on 



So as you see all my profiles are verified.

Please pay attention that not all this websites access when you are in Russia.

Landing them possible if you use IP of other countries. That's why I advance you to save contact before arrival.





I was thinking to write you small article related escort service in Moscow, that helps you not to be dissapointed in meeting a hoax.

Tips to meet a real escort girl:

Evidences about original classifieds.



-If you want to avoid dissapointment, pay attention on verified profiles.

A lot of websites allow to post profiles without authenticity, or just with payment.

There are several directories and local Russian websites, earned the trust from the clients, to pass verify you even should send the copy of your passport( that's not a joke), additionally proofed photos with a date.



- You can check pictures by using google pictures or any other pictures service.



- Give attention on additional photos or social activity. 


- Last tip, ask for a video call. Of course noone will provide you the call for free. For example I am not).

If you pay small present you can get a verify video call. That's 100% avoid you from dishonestly escort advertisers.





Russia is a diversity country with a lot of beautiful women.

There are a lot of wealthy men as well, and they love meeting pretty girls. Obviously good looking escort models claim decent and deserved reward.

Evidently the will not come to you for 100$ one hour/2 hours escorting service.


Though you can see plenty of adds featuring model look, slender body and beautiful face, this is most likely imposter. 

I briefly inform you that the average price real Moscow escort girl starts from 200$ or higher, depends on your wishlist and time spended with you.


Have you thought that is an incredible coincidence that the most popular Instagram models earns extra money working an escort model for 150 $ 2 hrs? 

Whatsapp conversation
Whatsapp conversation

My personal experience and complaints from real clients.



The real story. 



I recieved whatsapp message from a man. He wanted invite me to the airport hotel. 

Our conversation wasn't friendly because he started with price negotiation I was sure we never meet. He wrote me this, I thought its a trick to get a call or photos whatever...

In short words finally he accepted all my condition and also sent me full taxi payment in advance, because he didn't want to confirm additional info and he had no cash in ruble to cover the cab.

      Finally,  I understood that the story is real. He was on the hook with nice blondie pictures (far from reality), best price 2 hrs 150$, airport 200. She ran away on the way to restroom.


And then he decided to contact me. 


I was a bit curious to know  who is and where he found such a nice agreement. Obviously I can't advertise for free this person😂, 

what I want to tell that this offer is everywhere, and even on some paid websites with a loooot of excellent reviews.

Dears, you'll bear that in mind.



P. S.

I answer on whatsapp directly quickly and to the point. Sometimes writing with mistakes, repeat or skip letters and words. Especially if you texting me late, I respond strictly, not ready for a long conversation. It may seem rude to some people, I know, my whatsapp was attacked by friendship offers. Someone posted my contact on the sites, that I am looking for friendship by whatsapp. "Hello, how are you, what is your name, where do you live" etc.😫 It was website famous in Africa. 

I hope the information described  on this page will be a useful guide about escort service in Moscow.

Thank you for reading this topic.

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