Travel arrangements

Me in Isola Bella
Me in Isola Bella

Are you looking for someone to share your next trip with? I might be just the right person to start with. 


I strive to make your next vacations and getaways the most unforgettable experience you will ever have.


It’s a simple and fun way to meet new people from everywhere who share the same passion for traveling as you do. Adventure the world with me, it’s twice as much fun.







If you are really looking for the memory of a lifetime, full weekend  (or longer!). Just you and me also possible.


A two day weekend getaway is yours for a donation of $1500.  You can even enjoy a nice full week (7 days) for $3500. And of course, if you haven’t had enough, additional arrangements are also possible.


You can expect ME to be both mature and respectful, which is of course also required by the Gentleman taking me on a date. 


All rtravel dates are excluding flights and other travel expenses.   


2 DAYS  |  weekend getaway $1500

2 days or 48h of just you and me



3 DAYS | extended weekend $2100

a long weekend to enjoy


5 DAYS |  know me longer $2800 

a great 5 days of travel


1 WEEK | extended travel week $3500

an extensive week of travel


I simply would like to ask do not contact me if you, don't trust anybody and not ready for condition down payment. I take 30% in advance ( depends on the country and appointment length).


Please, write me an introduction of you and details:


Personal intro:


What is your name, where are you from (background), your activity, what is your age.

What type of experience you have in mind ( if nessary).


When and where would you like to invite me, how many day(s).


Accommodation during the trip ( only hotel, please ).


If the positions of our interests converge, I will continue the conversation with you.

 Few facts:


• No travel with more than 2 transits.



• The farther from Moscow you invite me, the greater will be the advance payment.


• If you request an international meeting, without answering the basic questions described above, I probably will not attach any importance to this. So, sorry.


• If you are generous in purchasing first or business class tickets, as well as a travel voucher, a private room, I can change the booking conditions.



• No experience to India (no answer traveling requires from +91- sorry, a lot of spam), USA ( just at the moment no any plans to open US visa)

Travel with pleasurable excitement!